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What are you eating for breakfast??

Those who regularly skip breakfast have a 450% greater chance of being overweight or obese“. WOW!!!

British researchers found that “breakfast size was inversely related to waist size,” meaning the bigger the breakfast, the smaller the waist.

I drink lemon water & eat a grapefruit within 20 min of getting up. Often I eat the fruit, exercise & then eat the rest of my breakfast a little later.

WHAT it is that you eat will determine how hungry you are later in the day.
The old adage “eat like a king for breakfast, like a prince for lunch & like a pauper for dinner” is absolutely right.

Breakfast options:
*Sautéed veggies & eggs topped with avocado & salsa
*Fruit sprinkled with cinnamon & dipped in raw almond butter or raw cashew butter
*Kale smoothie
*Sweet potato sliced & grilled topped with fried egg or two
*Blueberry almond crumb muffins
*2 hard boiled eggs & grapefruit
*2 fried eggs with fruit
*Muffin frittatas
*Kale omelet
*Veggie frittata  ((use coconut oil & Braggs flakes on top) sauté a bunch of vegetables in pan (kale, spinach, onion, jalapeno).  Scramble in 2 eggs & top with tomato & Bragg’s flakes.)
*Steel-cut oats topped with flaxseed, cinnamon & berries

What are you eating for breakfast??

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