Lead By Example

You cannot control those around you but you can control yourself.  I often hear excuses as to why a person eats unhealthy or chooses not to move when they are on a weekend getaway or family vacation.  One of those excuses is “no one around me is active and the only option was fried chicken”.  My solution to this problem is Lead by Example.  Be the only one who wakes up early and goes for a short run, takes their vitamins, says no to the bacon and brings the biggest green salad for all to share.  Fitness and health is contagious.  Everyone around me wants to know “what do you do to stay so fit and so motivated”.  I simply Lead by Example.  I sweat almost everyday even when I am on vacation, I watch what I put into my mouth, I take my supplements, drink a ton of water, I bring the clean dish to the bbq and I feel great!  I never give fitness or nutrition advice unless I am asked (unless you are my client of course!), but believe me everyone watches my every move and my every bite.  They learn from simply watching me.

So next time you go on a weekend getaway, a family vacation or have guests over for the weekend…Lead by Example.  Fitness and health is contagious and everyone around you will benefit just from watching.  Stand out in the crowd from your actions instead of your words.  You will grow as a person and create habits that will make your fit lifestyle a habit even on your getaways!

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