Happy Earth Day!! (Sunday)


10 Simple Things You Can do to be More Earth Friendly

1. Compost – Have a compost pile or bin outside where you throw your green waste. It makes amazing soil for your garden!
2. Grow Your Own Garden
3. Use Re-usable Napkins – We use them at each meal. I just wash them with my darks. Super easy trick to be green!!
4. Use a BPA Free Waterbottle – You can buy them at ShapeItUp 🙂
5. Make Pulp Crackers – These are my new favorite food & I don’t waste any pulp!
6. Dehydrate Fruit that is Turning – Bananas, Apples, Pears, Plums, Figs – don’t throw them away if they are getting old. Dehydrate them for 9-10 hours & they will stay for weeks!
7. Buy Organic Clothing
8. Reduce Number of Plastic Baggies Used – Use glass containers!
9. Have a Couple of Chickens – Love our Coco & BOSU! 2 eggs a day :). They eat any leftover you have & are super easy to care for.
10. Use Re-usable Grocery Bags – If you need a new one send me an email & I will send you an Amy Approved bag!


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