Foods To Keep Your pH in Balance

I have written a few posts about how raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Kombucha’s are both “Amy Approved” or one could say “Amy Obsessed” products as they help to keep our bodies pH in balance.  Our bodies are designed to live within a narrow pH range – slightly on the alkaline side.  Slip into acidity and a multitude of problems arise.  Aim for 60-80% of your foods coming from the alkaline side and 20-40% coming from the acidic.

Top Alkaline Foods (Crazy, Sexy Diet)
Alkaline water
Almonds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds & flax-seeds
Cold-pressed oils such as hemp, flax & borage seed
Moderate amounts of grains such as quinoa, wild rice, millet, amaranth, buckwheat.  Exceptions: wheat, oats, & brown rice are mildly acidic
Grasses, especially super-powered nutrient packed wheat-grass
Green drinks
Green veggies – all kinds, but especially leafy green veggies such as kale, spinach, lettuces, collards, mustard greens, turnip greens, cabbage, & endive
Lemons, limes & grapefruits – although these fruits are acidic, they actually have an alkalizing effect in your body
Lentils & other beans – in general, all legumes (beans & peas) are alkalizing
Oil-cured olives
Raw tomatoes – but cooked tomatoes are acidic
Root veggies, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips, jicama, daikon and burdock
Stevia (a sweetener)

Acidic Foods (Crazy, Sexy, Diet)
Animal protein: red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, dairy products
Chemicals, drugs, cigs, heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives
Coffee (even decaf), black tea
Heavily processed foods, no matter what they are made of
Honey, corn syrup, brown sugar, fructose
Ketchup, mayo, mustard (use sparingly)
Some legumes like chickpeas, black beans & soybeans are slightly acidic but are valuable staples of a healthy diet
Processed soy products tend to fall on the acidic side – enjoy them in moderation
Processed oils such as margarine, fake fats, trans fats, and refined vegetable oils
Refined grains, wheat & oats: white bread, pasta & rice are highly acidic
Soda, energy drinks, sport drinks
Table salt (sea salt & kosher salt are better choices in moderation)
All salted & roasted nuts
White sugar & sugar substitutes
Yeast & vinegar (w/ the exception of raw apple cider vinegar)
Soy sauce (use sparingly & choose low sodium tamari or gluten-free nama shoyu)

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