Eating Clean While Dining Out – EVEN during the holidays!!!

So many people make excuses such as “oh well it’s the holidays” or “I’ll start January 1st” when it comes to food choices over the holiday season.  This is a HUGE recipe for disaster.  Do NOT wait until January to clean it up!!!  I am not saying eat 100% perfectly clean.  If you get your workouts in it’s OK to have a sweet treat a few times per week without seeing your weight soar.

Last night we went to Jaffa Café in the village of Arroyo Grande.  If you ASK for a gluten dairy free meal they accommodate you!!!  DO NOT be afraid to ask!!!  I had a chicken salad, cucumber salad & grape leaves.  It was AMAZING, satisfying & CLEAN!!!!jaffacafeMy January circuit sign-up is HERE!!!  I have openings in both my Thursday 6am and 7:05am classes.  Want to lean down, increase your CORE & overall body strength, workout with a FUN  group & shock your body each and every week???  Click HERE for details on my next round that begins January 8th!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

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