Dehydrated Pulp Crackers & Fruit


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new dehydrator!!  Because I am juicing 3 times a day for 30 days as you can imagine I have A TON of leftover pulp.  BOSU & Coco (our chickens) usually eat the leftover pulp but I decided to give pulp crackers a try.  I took 3 cups of pulp, 1 cup of water, salt, onion powder & Bragg’s nutritional yeast.  I made small patties and dehydrated them for 8 hours.  They turned into a crispy pretty darn good cracker!  Tonight I made my Meatball Veggie Soup out of the broth of last night’s chicken & dipped them in.  SOOOO impressingly good!

For the apples I just cored, sliced, sprinkled them with cinnamon & dehydrated for 7 hours.  YUM!

The bananas are literally just sliced bananas dehydrated for 7 hours.  They turned out kind of chewy and very good!

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