11 year old Miranda is taking control of her health & helping her family along the way…

Maddi (sister), Jo (auntie), Miranda & Stephanie (mom) after their Sunday run

11 year old Miranda was on the brink of type 2 diabetes when she decided to take control of her health, life & future and CHANGE! I saw her this past weekend and I asked her to write me a paragraph on what her health & fitness goals were. Here is a small portion of her beautiful letter:

“My goal is to have a beautiful life where there are no bullies and feelings that I am not beautiful. I would love to get down to 140lbs. At 9 years old I weighed 180. My future is being a teacher chef & I would love to go to college. In the past three weeks I have changed a lot. I have lost 13 pounds & am so proud of my accomplishments. When I am done running, walking or any exercise I feel like I am hurting but it makes me happy. My mom & entire family is amazingly awesome and are helping me through this process. My auntie Jo is my running buddy. I love how I look I’m so happy!”

Wow… What a powerful paragraph from an 11 year old who is taking control of her life, health & future! Because of her determination her entire family is benefitting. Her Mom Stephanie, Aunt Jo & sisters join her on her runs & help her prepare healthy food. Miranda has no clue how much she is helping the adults. Health & fitness is contagious & Miranda is making a huge impact.

Miranda I am so very proud of you!!! I am here for you to help you through your journey. Do not give up. Yes there will be days you don’t want to exercise & meals that you don’t eat perfectly. Just know to start again the next day / meal & get right back on track!

You are inspiring the millions of overweight children & proving that exercising & eating whole foods will correct your health problems. Do not give up as these disciplines will carry over to your everyday life & create an amazing successful future for yourself.

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods

Miranda & mom Stephanie movin’ it!!

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