Thanksgiving…Eating Clean…Recipes!!

Thanksgiving is a time for FAMILY, RELAXING, appreciating what you have TODAY, watching football, laughing, cooking & of course eating.  You don’t have to make EVERY single dish full of calories so here are 4-5 great recipes I used last year and will use again this year.
Cranberry Sauce – HOMEMADE – yes it has sugar but way better than canned!  (thank you John Hall for this one!)
Slow Roasted Turkey Breast
Roasted Acorn Squash Mash
Pumpkin Pie
Mashed Sweet Potatoes

More GREAT pumpkin recipes for the season!

Amy’s tip for Thanksgiving day: *Eat a plate of food (yes whatever you want) but DO NOT go for seconds… *Eat a piece of pie but cut it in half… *If you are going to drink like a fish…Eat like a bird…*MOVE – get up before your guests and EXERCISE!

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods…

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