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As you know I LOVE the fall season. It’s the season of change, leaves, cross country running, squash, apples, pumpkins, crisp sunny days & a change of daylight. We planted butternut & spaghetti squashes a few months ago and are so excited to now pick & use them. We planted quite a few plants because squash will store almost all winter.

To bake a spaghetti squash simply cut in half & bake upside down on baking stone at 400 deg for 40 min. Once done turn them over & let them cool. Scoop out & throw away seeds. Use a fork to scrape out squash which will resemble noodles.


In my ground turkey mixture I used:
1 lb ground turkey
1 onion
3-4 garlic cloves
2 jalapeños (we grew these & they are not spicy)
1/4 yellow squash
1 cup or so chopped kale (from garden!)
3 chopped tomatoes (from garden!)
Salt / pepper
Onion & garlic powder

Cook everything together & serve over spaghetti squash.



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