Bone broth!

This past weekend “we” (IE Ben Harper 🙂) cooked a 15 pound turkey then made 6 jars of liquid gold bone broth! Homemade is so much more nutritious, flavorful and free! The next time you cook a whole organic chicken, turkey or whip up something with grass fed beef bones make your own broth. After dinner put all of the bones, skin, gizzards etc into a crock-pot. fill with filtered water then add ACV (apple cider vinegar), salt, a carrot and celery stick. Cook on high overnight. In the morning strain out the broth, cool and jar. Once completely cooled put on lids and freeze them for future use!

Bone broth is very nutrient dense. It contains micro-nutrients that are very important for our metabolic function, how we process energy in the body and often humans are low in these nutrients. It contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, iron, zinc, selenium and manganese. Bone broth is also associated with collagen, a structural protein found in skin, cartilage and bone. It is also good for digestion and gut health, may support immune function, joint health and promote sleep. What is there not to love??!!

Grass fed organic bones
Skin, gizzards etc
Filtered water (enough to fill your crock pot)
Sea salt / pepper
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2 stalks of celery
2 carrot sticks

See directions above in paragraph 1

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