Quick Dinner Prep 

On Tuesday’s I have to have my dinner prepped so when I walk in the door it’s either ready or I can throw it into the oven.  This quick prep took me 5 minutes.  This morning I took out two packages of organic chicken thighs.  For the prep I took a cake pan & poured organic rice in the bottom (about 1/2 cup) & laid the chicken thighs on top.  I seasoned it with organic garlic salt, pepper & coconut aminos.  Then I topped it with a big head of chopped broccoli (you can use frozen) and a package of chopped mushrooms.  I seasoned the top with salt, put tin foil over the top and put it into the fridge.  1 hour before we eat I will add about 2″ of water and bake with the tin foil on for 50-60 min.  I take off the foil about 10 minutes before it’s done to brown the top.  The meal makes for a clean dinner & amazing lunch leftovers.  I try & skip the rice at dinner (ok I have a tiny bit…) but have a hearty half cup with my lunch.

Clean eating is NOT hard.  Keep it simple & stick to WHOLE FOODS!

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods

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