Homemade Gummies!!

These easy, healthy, high protein and gut friendly gummies are a hit in my house!!! The grass-fed gelatin has a unique combination of aminos acids and has been shown to play a role in joint health, brain function and may improve the appearance of skin and hair. “Sneaking” this into your families diets is a genius idea!!!

1 cup 100% fruit juice or 2/3 cup fruit puree and 1/3 cup 100% fruit juice (make sure only ingredient is “apples” or “oranges”.
8 tsp grass fed gelatin (I found the above one on amazon)
2 tablespoons raw organic local honey (optional)

Small saucepan
Silicone mold or 8×8 glass pan (I bought molds on amazon)
Baking sheet (if using mold)
Small measuring cup
Pyrex measuring cup (for easy pouring)

1. If you’re starting with whole fruit, make puree by blending fruit in a blender. Then measure fruit puree into the pyrex first. Add honey if using.
2. Measure juice into a small sauce pan and turn the heat on medium low. Add the gelatin and whisk constantly. Bring the mixture to an almost simmer – you want it to be definitely warm but not hot, to the touch – about 3 minutes. The liquid should be opaque or clear and the gelatin should be completely dissolved before proceeding.
3. Add the juice / gelatin mixture to the puree (if using) in the pyrex with the spout. Whisk to combine juice / gelatin with puree and/or honey, if using.
4. Place the mod on the baking sheet. Pour mixture into the molds, but do not overfill them. Alternatively, pour the mixture into the 8×8 glass pan.
5. Place the entire baking sheet with the mold on top, or the glass pan, in the freezer for 20 minutes.
6. Pull the gummies out from the freezer and pop out the molds. Store in a glass jar in fridge for up to 2 weeks.

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