EASY Crockpot Dinner

My favorite season of Fall is HERE…FINALLY!  After a few weeks of 90 degree October days I thought it would never come.  Super glad to see the leaves on the ground, the rain in sky & the cool feeling of Fall.  Reminds me of my home in Alaska…EXCEPT there is no snow on our mountains 🙂

So in honor of this Fall feeling (AND the fact that I still have no kitchen..) I thought an easy & warm crockpot dinner would be perfect.

*Serves 4 people – or in our case serves 2 with lunch leftovers
4 chicken breasts
3 large sweet potatoes
A bunch of brussell sprouts
Garlic salt

Unthaw the chicken, add to your crockpot, along with enough water to fill 3/4’s of your pot.  Add as a little garlic salt & turn on high for a good 5-6 hours.  When you have about 2 hours to go, chop up your sweet potatoes into big round chunks & add them to your pot.  When you have about 1 hour to go cut your brussels in half & add to your pot.  Serve HOT!

I served ours with a side of Bubbies sauerkraut, salt, pepper & Ben used a little organic butter on his sweet potatoes.  Super yummy, warm, EASY & perfect for this feeling of FALL…


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