Amy Approved Pick-up Dinners

I recently had a client ask me to make a list of clean dinners that you can pick up and bring home on nights you are not prepared.  Here it goes:

1.  Jaffa – chicken skewer, cucumber salad, roasted veggies

2.  Cali Fresh – Salad bar & grab an organic rotisserie chicken to top it with.  You should always have dressing made up in your fridge but if not use their balsamic vinegar and oil

3.  Chipoltle’s – burrito in a bowl – veggies, protein, black beans, avocado & salsa

4.  Any grocery store – rotisserie chicken, asparagus (you can blanch & top it with salt & lemon in 3 minutes) & avocado

5.  Bunn Thai – red curry w/ chicken (skip the rice at dinner)

6.  Bunn Thai – grilled salmon & veggies

7.  Hapy Bistro – Hapy salad w/ salmon, chicken, shrimp or lamb

8.  Planted – ANY of their salads or “burgers” w/ lettuce wrap

I hope these ideas help you EAT CLEAN on evenings that don’t seem so calm.  One choice at a time…  You’ve got this!!!

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods…

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